For Violin Duet

Artists (and especially composers) use very general terms to describe abstract ideas prevalent in their works. This piece is an attempt at not overlooking the meaning in one of these words, instead choosing to confront and connect with the word on a deeper level.

The physicality of brushstrokes has a very close connection to me. My mother was a painter, and much of my childhood was spent looking through her work which she posted all over the walls of my house, as well as looking at the way my mother painted the walls of the house. I distinctly remember constantly running my fingers along the walls of the house, feeling how paint was so much more than just imagery, but had this luscious third dimension which gave it all sorts of interesting textures.

This piece traces the formation of a painting, from the broadest of brushstrokes to set the background, to the minute details in the foreground. To finish, the painter repeatedly smacks their brush to dry it off and forge ahead with the next painting.