Lewis (2020 Rev. 2022)

For Solo French Horn
Premiered at Rice University’s Duncan Recital Hall as a part of a Hear & Now Concert on October 16th, 2022 by Connor Landers

Reality’s Edge (2021)

For Solo Ukulele
Commissioned by Dr. Giovanni Albini
Recorded as a part of the Album A Contemporary Ukulele released on Da Vinci Records

Element (2021)

For Solo Violin
Written for the 1:2:1 Composers Workshop
Premiered on March 21st, 2021 at the workshop’s virtual concert

Untitled (2020)

For Solo Cello
Commissioned by Celliola
Premiered on October 11th, 2020 at Celliola’s annual fall concert

Wayside (2020) 

For Solo Cello
Commissioned by Cellist Julian Gau
Duration: ca. 5′
Premiered on May 29th, 2020 through a virtual composer-performer’s circle concert

Truth: A Song Cycle in Seven Parts (2019)

Written for Bass-Baritone Matthew Cook
Duration: ca. 25:00
Premiered on October 25th at Pomona College’s Lyman Hall of Music featuring Kyungmi Kim (piano)
Workshopped at the Atlantic Music Festival with Raphael Fernandez (Bass) and Sheena Hui (piano)

Suite for Solo Cello (2018)

Written for cellist Tom Flaherty
Duration: 8:00
Recorded in February 2018
Additional Performance by Katherine Burgstahler at Pomona College, Spring 2019


Welcome (2021)

For quintet (cl, fl, vln, vco, pno)
Written as part of the Red Note Composers Workshop
Duration: 8:00
Premiered: Spring 2021 as a part of Ónix Ensamble’s 25th Anniversary Season

Wandering Rocks (2019)

For sextet (cl, fl, vln, vco, pno, perc)
Written as part of the Atlantic Music Festival
Duration: 9:00
Premiere: July 16, 2019 at Colby College in Waterville, ME

Brushstrokes (2019)

For Violin Duet
Written for violinists Emma Van Der Veen and Adam Dvorak
Duration: 3:00
Premiere: Pomona College, Spring 2019

String Quartet No. 3 – Clouds (2018)

For String Quartet
Written as part of the highSCORE New Music Festival
Duration: 5:30
Premiere: August, 2018 in Pavia, Italy

Fanfare for Brass (2018) 

For Brass Quintet
Written for a reading session in Covina, CA

Amalgamation (2017)

For Fixed Media + Piano + Guitar + Tuba
Duration: 1:30
Premiere: Pomona College, 2017

String Quartet No. 2 – Symmetrical Music (2017)

For String Quartet
Written for a reading session by the Eclipse Quartet
Duration: 3:30
Read in Spring 2017

String Quartet No. 1 – Hymnal Metamorphosis (2015)

For String Quartet
Written as a part of the Stanford Youth Orchestra Composition Course
Premiered in Bing Concert Hall Studio in July 2015

Large Ensemble

Transient Moments (2022)

For Orchestra (
Commissioned by the Pomona College Orchestra for their 2022/23 Season
Duration: ca. 9:00
Premiere upcoming: November 17th: Bridges Hall of Music at Pomona College

Satellites (2021)

Written for the EAMT Sinfonietta (
Premiered: May 2nd, 2021 at the Estonian Music Days Festival in Tallinn

to its beginning to its end (2019)

For Chamber Orchestra
Duration: ca. 7:00
Premiered Nov. 8th in Pomona College’s Lyman Hall of Music

(T)HERE (2019)

Commissioned by the Charlottesville Municipal Band for their 2019/20 Season
Duration: 5:00

Gray (2019)

For Concert Band
Commissioned by the Pomona College Concert Band
Duration: 8:30
Premiered at Pomona College’s 2019 Alumni Weekend Concert