For Solo Violin

This work is an abstract depiction of four different elements of the experience of looking out over the I-64 scenic overlook at the foot of the entrance of the Blue Ridge Parkway between Lynchburg and Charlottesville, Virginia. The five different elements are depicted in the work as five continuous movements unified through loosely defined musical gestures which are recontextualized and developed to fit different depictions throughout the work.

This work is dedicated to and written for Jennifer Gersten. I have never before worked with someone who was so passionate about not only the notes on the page, but also about delving deeper into the meaning behind each and every one of them.

While I would love to upload this to soundcloud and allow listeners to play this in their car or on their headphones while walking around, I would much prefer you watch Jennifer’s absolutely amazing performance (in a very stylish shirt) on Youtube below. I strongly feel that the physical performance is integral to this work, and therefore insist that you view it as opposed to just listen to it. There is an introduction by me followed by the beginning of the work at 1:46.