Reality’s Edge

This piece is about the time in my life where I decided to become a composer. For most of my teenage life, I spent a lot of time daydreaming about the idea of writing music, but it always seemed like some far-off impossible fantasy. Years later, I am utterly dumbfounded to have found myself writing so much for so many people all around the world. The title of this work thus comes from the fact that I feel like I have come so far that I am now at the edge of reality, like I am currently living in the daydreams that I had as a teenager.

This work is an homage to someone who showed real encouragement and crucial mentorship to me during this early time in my composition studies, Brendon Randall-Myers. As such, this piece takes a quotation from his work, Grace and Decay for guitar solo. This quotation was used with permission from Brendon.

I would like to extent my deepest gratitude to Dr. Giovanni Albini for commissioning this work. Dr. Albini was another figure in my life who gave me sincere encouragement early in my compositional studies, and as such it’s a wonderful privilege to be able to thank him with this composition after all these years.

This work was released on Giovanni Albini’s album, A Contemporary Ukulele. Find it here on Spotify and here on Apple Music. For the page on Da Vinci Publishing, click here.