Turn Away

My first day at the Arvo Pärt Centre was surprisingly stressful. Unbeknownst to myself and the staff in charge of the residency, some folks were taking the opportunity granted by the Monday closure of the centre to test the fire alarms. I spent a good amount of my day frantically scribbling sketches...

Conducting Elliott Carter’s “Elegy”

This past semester, I had the extraordinary honor of being granted permission to perform Elliott Carter's Elegy for string orchestra on a recital at Pomona College's Lyman Hall. I gathered a group of my friends from the Pomona College Orchestra and we rehearsed the work 4 times before the performance. I was absolutely stunned with the … Continue reading Conducting Elliott Carter’s “Elegy”

highSCORE – A Reflection

highSCORE Festival is today’s leading Italian Contemporary Music Festival The HighSCORE New Music Festival takes place on the outskirts of Pavia, Italy, on what is referred to as Campus Aquae, a set of dorms for the University of Pavia which includes a large community pool next door. In the main area of the campus, there are … Continue reading highSCORE – A Reflection