ACA Artist Residency with Timo Andres

Timo Andres; photo by Michael Wilson, Cincinnati, OH, January 2017

I have been selected as an associate artist under composer-pianist Timo Andres as a part of the ACA Artist-in-Residence program. I’ll be mentored by Andres at the center in New Smyrna Beach, FL from February 13th to March 5th. I’m really excited about this, as Andres is an artist I have long looked up to, and whose music I find really stirring and beautiful. You can read Andres’ residency statement here.

Anthony Ratinov

I’ll mostly be working on a new commission from pianist Anthony Ratinov. Check out his performances on his youtube channel here. In the wake of receiving this commission, Anthony has really wooed me both by his virtuosic playing and amazingly warm personality. Normally commissions are the fruits borne from close relationships with a performer, which is why I feel simultaneously surprised and blessed that this commission has resulted in a wonderful friendship.

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