Reality’s Edge released on album A Contemporary Ukulele

My new work for solo ukulele, Reality’s Edge, is now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. It is featured on Giovanni Albini’s new compendium of commissions for solo ukulele released by Da Vinci Publishing. I’m sitting alongside a number of great composers, including my composition teacher from Estonia, Toivo Tulev. Giovanni Cestino provided liner notes, including a wonderful description of my work, Reality’s Edge:

A similar, hard-to-track borrowing is to be found in Reality’s Edge by Oliver Dubon, a highly introspective piece based on a quotation from a work (Grace and Decay for guitar solo) by his first mentor in composition, Brendon Randall-Myers. Despite of the strong relationship with the author’s life story, the atmosphere of this work spans from the rock-star introduction to a more lyric and scattered mid-section, where the reminiscences of tonal poles work as attraction elements to balance a quasi-fantasia writing, that finally comes back to an exuberant, yet delicate, strumming ending.

You can check out more information about this work at it’s page on my website here.

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