New Work For Pomona College Orchestra

My Alma Mater, Pomona College, commissioned me for a new orchestra work which I just completed. Please take a look at it here and read about the wonderful orchestra that will be performing it here. The performances are slated for November 18th (8PM) and 20th (3PM) at Bridges Hall of Music.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, I recently dug out a solo horn work which began as a collaboration between me and a friend and was sort of just thrown away (by me, not the friend) and forgotten about once it was completed. I figure that it is a good enough work to warrant being reworked and premiered, so I have done that and as of typing this I am a couple of hours from the premiere at the first Hear & Now Concert (Rice’s student-led new music ensemble). It should be a wonderful time as the horn player has really brought new and vivid life to this work. More info on that incoming.

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